The Altar Guild: The Unsung Heroes of a Congregation

Pr. Robert Franek

The work of the members of a congregation’s Altar Guild is often taken for granted. Yet, ensuring that the worship space of the congregation is appropriately prepared for each worship service is crucial to a joyful and meaningful worship experience. The NIS Worship Committee will facilitate this conversation about best practices as an Altar Guild, and a member of a congregation’s Altar Guild will share the resources she developed to help those serving as members of the Altar Guild to serve well. Feel free to bring any resources that your congregation has developed to share with others attending.

Celebrating the Vigil of Pentecost

Both the LBW and ELW give Propers for a Vigil of Pentecost service, but what is its purpose and what does it entail? This workshop will compare the Vigil of Pentecost to the Vigil of Eater and give ideas and resources for planning the liturgy in your own congregation. You will also learn how this worship can be part of a larger outreach event.