Stewardship’s Flip-Side: Recognizing and Removing Obstacles to Generosity

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Orange A1350

Pr. Richard Wehrs, ELCA Mission Investment Fund Regional Manager

Too often our congregational stewardship efforts focus only on the donor’s obligation to give when we should be attentive as well to our obligations to the donor! Learn about the 12 factors of “donor confidence” that can either bolster or undermine individuals’ willingness to provide generous support to your ministry, and what you can do, year-round, by learning from the non-profit fundraising industry.

Gold Nuggets of Stewardship

Session a or Session b

Purple C1254

Kelly Clason, Salem, Sandwich

Leave this workshop with a vision for an upcoming stewardship renewal campaign. Participants will learn about asking for gifts from a person who spent 30 years in non-profit fundraising. Speaker will share four stewardship programs and her love of themes and creativity when it comes to asking others to prayerfully consider gifts to ministry.