It isn’t CPR if you don’t break some ribs: A Paramedic, a Chaplain, Death, and Life

Chaplain Vince Marolla, Beacon of Hope Hospice and Christina Marolla, Galesburg Hospital Ambulance Service

Decisions about healthcare and treatment are very complex, and never easy. Christina and Vince will draw on their experience to talk and answer questions about things like Do Not Resuscitate forms, Advanced Directive, Hospice Care and other things that they have experienced working in health care. They do so from the perspectives of both physical and spiritual caregivers.

Medicines for the Church Leader

1) Emergency room procedures: The Holy Paralysis &n Speaking the unspeakable.n2) Survival kit for Leaders/Pastors: Beginning vital spirituality n of the Light & the Darkn3) Getting Creative: Practices to face realities, delight inn challenge, create spiritual community in cultural wilderness