Addiction & Spirituality: Getting Started in Addiction Ministry

Vicar Michelle Knight

Vicar Michelle will share her testimony of God’s redemptive work in her life as a recovering alcoholic/addict along with practical tips for clergy and congregations in providing safe, welcoming and non-judgmental spaces for spiritual care and accompaniment to those who suffer from addiction.

Growing in Faith through diakonia®

diakonia® is a journey in faith, a circle of fellowship, and an education of the mind, heart, and spirit. Learn more about this powerful program of lay theological education, and find out about Beyond diakonia® for graduates of the program.

50 Forward Ministry for Adults

Mr. Jeff Bluhm & Mr. David Box

50 Forward is a ministry for adults that inspires faith, education, spirituality, friendship, community, as we explore the third chapter of life. Let’s journey together.