Walking Together: Congregations / Collaboration / Sharing Ministries

Session b

Orange A1345

Pr. Julie Monnard, Dean of the Southwest Conference

In the Northern Illinois Synod, congregations are working together in a variety of ways: sharing pastoral leaders – doing educational and other ministries together – Lenten “Round Robins,” and so forth. In this workshop, the Rev. Julie Monnard, Dean of the SW Conference, will facilitate a discussion on how congregations in that conference are talking about collaboration. Also invited are several other leaders and congregations experimenting with collaborations.

Congregational Constitutions

Session a

Orange A 1345

Denise Norman and Pr. Pat Esker

Is it time to update your congregation’s constitution? Constitutions are missional documents that free the congregation to serve Christ fully and in good order. If your congregation has not updated its constitution since the Model Constitution for Congregations was updated at the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly, there’s no time like the present! This workshop will walk congregational leaders through the process of congregation constitution review and be a guide to update your “road map for ministry.”