EO1 – Creating Strong Camps for Girls

Sessions a, b

Yellow A1267

Adrienne Stafford, Organizer, Strong Girls 2 Women and Pr. Josh Ehrler

Strong Girls 2 Women (SG2W), an empowerment camp for girls, was launched in 2018 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mt. Morris to give young women a safe space to be affirmed and encouraged. With grant support from the synod Congregational Life Committee, SG2W took flight and plans to grow in 2019. Ms. Stafford will share her experience with sister churches to let folks know that summer camps like these are necessary, not terribly complicated, and worth every penny and minute of planning.

SJ6 – Loving Creation at Church and at Home

Session c

Yellow A1267

Pr. Jeff Schlesinger, Pr. Scott Ralston, Pr. Carol Soderholm, Mary Foskit, Linda Weidenbach, and Rebecca Keller (from the Creation Care Committee)

Loving Creation at Church and at Home, is a look at what we can do in response to the changes in the life of our planet. We will begin the session presenting information about the Season of Creation, a wonderful way to help our churches engage in environmental awareness as part worship. Pr. Jeff Schlesinger will talk about the various parts of the liturgy and how to integrate them into one’s congregation. The second half of the session will look at what we can do to be good stewards of creation in our churches and communities in what might be a “post-recycling” era in the United States. This part of the session will include several testimonies regarding recycling, composting, nature conservation, and a time for discussing best practices.