EO1 – Creating Strong Camps for Girls

Sessions a, b

Yellow A1267

Adrienne Stafford, Organizer, Strong Girls 2 Women and Pr. Josh Ehrler

Strong Girls 2 Women (SG2W), an empowerment camp for girls, was launched in 2018 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mt. Morris to give young women a safe space to be affirmed and encouraged. With grant support from the synod Congregational Life Committee, SG2W took flight and plans to grow in 2019. Ms. Stafford will share her experience with sister churches to let folks know that summer camps like these are necessary, not terribly complicated, and worth every penny and minute of planning.

EO3 – On a Mission From God: To Invite, Inspire, Involve, and Include People in Ministry

Sessions a, b

Orange A1350

Pr. Bob Dealey

On a Mission From God is a journey of discovery that begins as you “perceive, respond to, and participate in God’s mission in the world.” It follows a simple 8-step process; each step follows a natural sequence and builds upon each of the preceding steps. The process may be used with individuals and/or groups, as they seek to discern God’s call in their lives and to carry out God’s mission in the world.

EO4 – Journeying Together with the LGBTQ+ community!

Session a

Red A1375

Pr. Mike Thomas and Intern Alfi Wyatt

How does the church create a safe place to welcome and support the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate the diversity that God has created? Relations between the LGBTQ+ community and the church have often been strained and complicated due to lack of understanding and ignorance. Join us for a discussion about the ways to be a welcoming community, the importance of being such, and a general overview of terms.