CL2 – Called to Lead: God’s Call, Your Vocation

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Pr. Amy Current, Vice President for Admissions and Student Services, Wartburg Seminary, Deacon Cheryl Erdmann, Assistant to the Bishop, and Members of the Candidacy Sub-Committee

Feeling that tug to becoming a pastor or deacon? Know someone who exhibits indications that s/he may be called to be a deacon or pastor? Unlike in the “olden days,” the process of candidacy for rostered ministry offers many different paths. Come and find out about candidacy in 2019!

CL4 – Leadership Conversation with Bishop Clements

Session a

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Bishop Jeffrey Clements

A critical part of the success of our congregations’ ministries comes through the work of the elected leadership, i.e., the Congregation Council. Bishop Clements will facilitate a conversation with congregational leaders about what it means to be an elected leader, and talk about some models for collaboration with the staff, especially the rostered minister. It will also be a time to talk with Bishop Clements and ask questions of him about his view of leadership in the congregation. If you wish to send a question or topic in advance, that you would like to see addressed, please submit them at