KP2 – The Invitational Christian

Session c

Yellow A1224

Pr. David Daubert

Congregations where people are passive about their faith and then wait for visitors to come, often wait a long time. Congregations where people are active in their faith and invite people to come often discover great joy in communicating their faith and inviting others into the life of the church. A healthy congregation knows why new people would benefit from coming, provides good tools for members to use to invite, and trains people to bring people with them to worship and other places in the life of the church. In this workshop, we’ll explore these key areas and share very useful and practical insights from Dave’s popular book, The Invitational Christian.

CL2 – Called to Lead: God’s Call, Your Vocation

Sessions b, c

Red A1365

Pr. Amy Current, Vice President for Admissions and Student Services, Wartburg Seminary, Deacon Cheryl Erdmann, Assistant to the Bishop, and Members of the Candidacy Sub-Committee

Feeling that tug to becoming a pastor or deacon? Know someone who exhibits indications that s/he may be called to be a deacon or pastor? Unlike in the “olden days,” the process of candidacy for rostered ministry offers many different paths. Come and find out about candidacy in 2019!

CT2 – Church Facebook Pages-Beyond the Basics

Session c

Green A1247

Ms. Julie Lee, Director of Congregational Ministries, Prince of Peace, Freeport

Get more reach out of your Facebook page! Learn how to use Facebook as a tool for outreach (and “inreach“). In this session, learn how to create an event (including creating event graphics), promote events, boost events, how to use Facebook Insights, and how to grow your audience. This session is NOT for beginners. If you are a beginner, please go to the Facebook Basics workshop.

FG2 – DC Trip 2018: A Multi-Cultural and Inter-Generation Journey

Sessions b, c

Orange A1338

Pr. Michael Thomas, Janice Forrest, Ron Simmons, and Jane Lightcap

Zion Lutheran Church will share their experience in going on a cross-cultural, inter-generational, Washington, D.C. Trip in the summer of 2018 with 13 teenagers and 21 adults to share and learn about the diverse experience of people in the USA. We will talk about what it was like to reflect on the joys and sorrows of the American experience. God has blessed us in this country but there are many burdens we carry that have long too often been ignored. We are called to walk together in this journey.

WO4 – Using Storytelling in Ministry

Sessions b, c

Green A1221

Pr. Julie Monnard

Sharing a storytelling of a Bible passage often can have a greater impact and hold an audience longer than simply reading from the Bible. This workshop will provide samples of BibleTellings and examples of when telling a Bible story can be used in worship, education, and other ministries.

YF3 – UNITE Service Camp–Serving locally shapes lives!

Sessions a only (session c cancelled)

Blue C1207

Pastor Bree Truax representing Sauk Valley UNITE

Do you long to make a difference in your community and in the lives of young people? Come and learn about UNITE Service Camp! UNITE is a 3.5 day local mission trip where youth paint homes for people in need in their community. Learn about how to participate in Sauk Valley UNITE Service Camp in 2019 and how to launch a UNITE Service Camp in your area.

SJ6 – Loving Creation at Church and at Home

Session c

Yellow A1267

Pr. Jeff Schlesinger, Pr. Scott Ralston, Pr. Carol Soderholm, Mary Foskit, Linda Weidenbach, and Rebecca Keller (from the Creation Care Committee)

Loving Creation at Church and at Home, is a look at what we can do in response to the changes in the life of our planet. We will begin the session presenting information about the Season of Creation, a wonderful way to help our churches engage in environmental awareness as part worship. Pr. Jeff Schlesinger will talk about the various parts of the liturgy and how to integrate them into one’s congregation. The second half of the session will look at what we can do to be good stewards of creation in our churches and communities in what might be a “post-recycling” era in the United States. This part of the session will include several testimonies regarding recycling, composting, nature conservation, and a time for discussing best practices.