KP1 – Making Disciples: Core Practices That Change Lives

Sessions a, b

Yellow A1224

Pr. David Daubert

Discipleship is often one of those nebulous words that imply commitment but needs to be unpacked. Dave Daubert has worked with research and material generated in partnership with Bob Logan (a ministry leadership coach and trainer) and Charles Ridley (a sociology researcher at Texas A&M University) to focus a series of practices in ways that help Lutherans begin to be more intentional about their discipleship. Congregations can focus their equipping work in eight areas of discipleship growth, and individuals can work together to grow in them as well. Being intentional about this work can strengthen faith, deepen relationships with others with whom we journey, and set people up to be more effective as Christians in their daily lives. In this workshop we’ll explore all eight of these areas as well as three key practices that every congregation can implement to make a difference.

CL2 – Called to Lead: God’s Call, Your Vocation

Sessions b, c

Red A1365

Pr. Amy Current, Vice President for Admissions and Student Services, Wartburg Seminary, Deacon Cheryl Erdmann, Assistant to the Bishop, and Members of the Candidacy Sub-Committee

Feeling that tug to becoming a pastor or deacon? Know someone who exhibits indications that s/he may be called to be a deacon or pastor? Unlike in the “olden days,” the process of candidacy for rostered ministry offers many different paths. Come and find out about candidacy in 2019!

CT1 – Church Facebook Page Basics

Session b

Green A1247

Ms. Dawn Anderson, Communications Coordinator, Trinity Lutheran Church, Moline

Create or improve your church Facebook Page. In this session, you will learn step by step instructions about how to create a Facebook Page, best practices of administering the page, best practices of posting (how often, content, scheduling posts, etc), and how to promote your page.

EO1 – Creating Strong Camps for Girls

Sessions a, b

Yellow A1267

Adrienne Stafford, Organizer, Strong Girls 2 Women and Pr. Josh Ehrler

Strong Girls 2 Women (SG2W), an empowerment camp for girls, was launched in 2018 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mt. Morris to give young women a safe space to be affirmed and encouraged. With grant support from the synod Congregational Life Committee, SG2W took flight and plans to grow in 2019. Ms. Stafford will share her experience with sister churches to let folks know that summer camps like these are necessary, not terribly complicated, and worth every penny and minute of planning.

EO3 – On a Mission From God: To Invite, Inspire, Involve, and Include People in Ministry

Sessions a, b

Orange A1350

Pr. Bob Dealey

On a Mission From God is a journey of discovery that begins as you “perceive, respond to, and participate in God’s mission in the world.” It follows a simple 8-step process; each step follows a natural sequence and builds upon each of the preceding steps. The process may be used with individuals and/or groups, as they seek to discern God’s call in their lives and to carry out God’s mission in the world.

FG1 – 50Forward

Sessions a, b

Orange A1340

David Box, Lutherdale

50Forward is a ministry geared for adults. It is a growing program of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of the ELCA. 50Forward programs offer adults the opportunity for continuing education, experiential learning, faith development, fellowship, and travel.

FG2 – DC Trip 2018: A Multi-Cultural and Inter-Generation Journey

Sessions b, c

Orange A1338

Pr. Michael Thomas, Janice Forrest, Ron Simmons, and Jane Lightcap

Zion Lutheran Church will share their experience in going on a cross-cultural, inter-generational, Washington, D.C. Trip in the summer of 2018 with 13 teenagers and 21 adults to share and learn about the diverse experience of people in the USA. We will talk about what it was like to reflect on the joys and sorrows of the American experience. God has blessed us in this country but there are many burdens we carry that have long too often been ignored. We are called to walk together in this journey.

FG3 – Growing in Faith through diakonia™

Session b

Red A1364

Vicar Denise Rode and Pr. Doug Liston

Learn about the NIS diakonia™ program from its students, graduates,  teaching pastors, and coordinators. The diakonia™ journey is offered at several locations across the synod. Prospective students can learn about the “classic” diakonia™ program while graduates of the program will hear about a new level of diakonia™ being piloted this year.

SJ2 – 5 Cylinder Faith – Bread for the World Presentation

Sessions a, b

Orange A1339

Pr. Kenneth R. Storck, Bread for the World

This presentation will focus on the 5th promise of our Baptism: “to strive for justice and peace in all the earth.” Are you living fully into your baptismal promises? Are you running on all cylinders? This session will provide practical ways to live out this 5th promise both as individuals and as communities of faith. Find out what you and your congregation can do to “strive for justice and peace in all the earth.”

SJ4 – Helping Central Americans Improve Food Production, Be Given Hope, and Not Become Immigrants

Sessions a, b

Red A1363

Kevin Nelson, Growing Project Leader Ottawa-Barrington Growing Project-Growing Hope Globally and Becky Morris of Growing Hope Globally

Helping the people of Central & South America have an adequate food supply helps them to stay in their home countries and keep families together. Lutheran World Relief’s food production programs there are supported by Growing Hope Globally (formerly known as the Foods Resource Bank).

SJ5 – How to Write a Grant to ELCA World Hunger to Help Your Food Ministry

Session b

Blue C1207

Iain Chester, Manager Network Engagement, ELCA World Hunger, Hester Bury, Northern Illinois Food Bank; Cindi Gramenz, Christian Care

Hear stories from local food ministries on how they approach breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger in their communities. Learn the process of applying for ELCA Domestic World Hunger grants in order to work towards a just world where all are fed.

WO2 – New Music for Assembly Singing

Session b

Green A1222

Deacon John Weit, Program Director for Music, Office of the Presiding Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

In this session, we will sing together some of the new music published in the last several years as part of the expanding Evangelical Lutheran Worship family of resources. Included will be music for seasonal services, music for paperless singing, and music from ELW and ecumenical partners that may be new to your community. Tips for incorporating and teaching new music to assemblies will be reviewed. This workshop would be ideal for musicians, those who plan and lead worship, and anyone with an appreciation for incorporating music in worship.

WO4 – Using Storytelling in Ministry

Sessions b, c

Green A1221

Pr. Julie Monnard

Sharing a storytelling of a Bible passage often can have a greater impact and hold an audience longer than simply reading from the Bible. This workshop will provide samples of BibleTellings and examples of when telling a Bible story can be used in worship, education, and other ministries.