KP1 – Making Disciples: Core Practices That Change Lives

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Pr. David Daubert

Discipleship is often one of those nebulous words that imply commitment but needs to be unpacked. Dave Daubert has worked with research and material generated in partnership with Bob Logan (a ministry leadership coach and trainer) and Charles Ridley (a sociology researcher at Texas A&M University) to focus a series of practices in ways that help Lutherans begin to be more intentional about their discipleship. Congregations can focus their equipping work in eight areas of discipleship growth, and individuals can work together to grow in them as well. Being intentional about this work can strengthen faith, deepen relationships with others with whom we journey, and set people up to be more effective as Christians in their daily lives. In this workshop we’ll explore all eight of these areas as well as three key practices that every congregation can implement to make a difference.